Recreational Land in Western New York

We are Western New York’s choice for matching buyers and sellers for recreational land in NY.

Recreational Land for Sale in New York

Looking for land that caters to off-roading, horseback riding, fishing, and more? Work with Future Forest Properties to streamline your land-buying process in Western New York.

Work With Future Forest Properties

We bring decades of real estate knowledge and familiarity with local property history to each sale.

On the Job Knowledge

With over 50 years of real estate experience, owner Mike Keenan offers his expertise as a broker. Our other owner Corey Figueiredo has worked in forestry since 1996.

Expert Resources

We want to help you optimize your real estate investment. Ask us about government grants, timber management, tax savings management plans, the highest best use, and 1031 tax exchanges.

Make Your Purchase

Buying recreational land in New York with Future Forest Properties means you’ve got sellers at your disposal. With over 3,000 names in our database, we specialize in making connections between those looking to buy and sell.

Satisfied Clients

We’re grateful to our satisfied customers who have left us a rank of 5.0/5.0 stars on Google. We look forward to working with future clients to find satisfactory recreational land prospects.

Contracting an Agent

Contracting an agent with Future Forest Properties means a direct line to information about taxes, property history, and local markets. When you sign a representation contract with us, we provide detailed information regarding our services and compensation at the time of sale.

Find Your Land Today

Working with a Future Forest Properties agent opens up doors to finding recreational land in Western New York. Work with our expert agents to begin your hunt today.