Invest In NY Timberland With Future Forest Properties

We are Western New York’s choice for matching buyers and sellers across a diverse portfolio of properties.

Quality NY Land for Sale

Searching for a safe investment? Turn to timberland. 

In recent decades, rural real estate has been gaining popularity as a tangible and lasting investment. Whether you are seeking timberland, farmland, or your next hunting cabin, Future Forest Properties can help you find the perfect acreage to invest in.

Qualified to Serve You

While other companies provide real estate generalists, Future Forest Properties allows you to work with rural real estate specialists. Facilitating the buying and selling of land is all we do. When you work with us, we enrich your buying and selling experience with a deep understanding of local trends and market value. 

Who We Are

Future Forest was formed to accommodate all of our clients’ sales needs. Partners Mike Keenan and Corey Figueiredo bring an unparalleled combination of real estate and forestry field knowledge. With both legal qualifications from a Real Estate Brokerage background and the experience of professional land management, we believe we are singularly equipped to assist with your land acquisition or sale. 

Selling: How it Works

At Future Forest Properties, we strive to get the best possible return on the sale of your land. We start by analyzing the current marketplace and determining where the demand for your property is highest. With our on-the-ground knowledge of land-use regulations and Western New York property values, we connect you with only the best potential buyers. 

When you allow us to handle your sale, you gain access to our proprietary database of experienced agents and over 3,000 clients. Future Forest provides you with an uncontested depth of resources and expertise ensuring your rural real estate sale is as swift as it is successful.

Buying: How it Works

Buying a property is a major decision. Knowing where and how to find your perfect plot of land can be confusing. If navigating the rural realty landscape has you feeling overwhelmed, you can depend on Future Forest to help steer your buying journey and encourage informed choices. 

When you reach out to us, we start by understanding your bottom-line. We then work tirelessly to find the perfect intersection between your ideal property and price point. Our knowledgeable agents are experts in their field, connecting you with high-quality properties that will increase in value. You name it, we’ve found it.

The Future Forest Guarantee

For decades, Future Forest has been successfully managing the sale and acquisition of Western New York timberland.

We not only focus on the purchase and marketing of timber tracts but also serve those looking to buy or sell recreation and hunting properties. With our forestry and brokerage backgrounds, we guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

Make An Investment That Lasts

Start your journey toward a valuable, enduring investment in Western New York land. Hunting, farming, or domestic, we are confident we can help you find the high-quality property you’re looking for.