3 Factors to Consider Before Clearing a Land

Land clearing is vital for landowners who want to build a new property or add to their current one. As it is the catalyst for the project, it usually is an essential step, requiring professionals to take over.

However, if this is your first time clearing land, you need to consider and prepare for several factors before proceeding with the project. Below are some examples and a bit of explanation to give you a better understanding of the processes.

Types of Land Clearing

There are two types of land clearing procedures. Each of these types has varied effects on the land finish and how it affects the land itself.


Bulldozing is the process offered by bulldozing companies. Through using heavy equipment, all existing vegetation on the subject land is removed to ensure a clean finish for any projects pursued in the future. The process disrupts the ecology in the area, introducing the possibility of erosion on a large scale.

Moreover, the method offers to remove unwanted trees, crush and expose their roots, and eliminate most existing plants. Once the trees are down, the collected logs will then be shipped through another heavy piece of equipment for piling and burning. Bulldozing often leaves an unruly sight and may require a cleaning service after.

Forestry Mulching 

On the other hand, forestry mulching or forestry mowing offers a different approach to land clearing. Through the years, many have realized that the bulldozing method takes too much from the land, leaving the area looking destroyed after the service. But forestry mulching offers a lighter footprint, avoiding disrupting the tree’s root system in the place.

Although the process still aims to remove as much vegetation in the area as possible, it pushes for a more environmentally friendly approach by leaving the roots intact. It prevents soil erosion and promotes healthier land by allowing the organic materials to break down over time.

Types of Equipment Used

There are also two types of equipment for land clearing: purpose-built machines and specialty-built machines. The former are machines built with steel tracks that will help them traverse rough terrain and give them the power to remove mature trees. The former type of machine is often used in forestry mulching.

Meanwhile, the latter use skid steers and rubber tracks and are ideal for clearing projects to prepare lands for site development. Although it seems weaker than the former type, it is powerful enough for road clearing and reclaiming overgrown land.

Ways to Prepare the Land

Clearing the land means starting on a blank slate. Although it isn’t as simple as removing the unwanted trees or other vegetation on the site, it still requires planning and proper execution. 

First, it’s best to hire a professional cleaning company to help you achieve your goals for the lot. Next, have them analyze the lot for you to know which process fits the job well. Lastly, secure all the needed permits for the project to avoid fines and penalties from the government. 

Remember that the process may take a while. However, the effects should be excellent and worth the wait for landowners looking forward to fulfilling their projects.


Clearing the land is not an easy task. However, through proper planning and execution, landowners may get the best out of their property and make it all worth it. Ensure to research the project, ask around from people who have done it, and consult the professionals to guarantee everything goes according to plan.

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