Tips on Turning Your Land Into a Profitable Community

There’s a lot of wistfulness that comes with the thought of buying land in New York state. It’s almost like a dream sequence for many as they ponder how to turn a profit from an unused land. Sometimes, people already have a picture in their minds of a small farm, one with egg-laying chickens and the like. Self-employment, seclusion, and a deeper connection with nature all make the dream that much sweeter. 

In truth, there’s a lot that can be done when you buy land in NY. Whether that’s a small farm or a private plot of land, the possibilities are nearly endless. Read on for tips on turning your land into a profitable community:

Make DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or “How-To” Videos

Great lighting and your smartphone’s camera can go a long way. Do you have flowers growing on your land? Take pretty step-by-step pictures of creating a bouquet! If you’ve chosen to do some gardening on the land yourself, try making “how-to” videos that involve caring for the plants and/or DIY planters and more. If you’re growing herbs, take your viewers through the process. You can even sell those herbs at a farmer’s market or online!

Offer Storage

Many people have garages that are quite stuffed and need another place to keep the likes of extra lawn equipment. Some people have made rather interesting shopping choices without considering storage after. That includes boats that will need to be put away during the off-season. You can help them out while making a profit by having indoor or outdoor (or both!) available for a set fee. 

Rent Plots for Community Garden Purposes

Space for a garden is something not everyone has. That’s why community gardens have gotten more popular as of late. When families get involved, chances are the word will spread through word-of-mouth to their friends. As families pitch in a portion of rent for that land, you’ll see profits almost immediately. Renters will have fun developing the garden from scratch.

Other good ideas for profit include:

  • Create a local dog park
  • Create ponds or fishing lakes that local fishermen or groups can rent out
  • Establish a community playground
  • Have a trailer park section for motorhome travelers
  • Have seasonal events like corn mazes in the fall
  • Have seasonal events like pumpkin patches in the fall
  • Lease portions of land for farming, hunting, and similar recreation
  • Offer pet sitting services
  • Open a campsite
  • Raising chickens to sell their eggs
  • Raising cows to sell their milk
  • Raising goats in order to sell their cheese
  • Sell firewood that’s been chopped, split, and bundled
  • Sell plant seeds at farmers markets or online


There is a lot that can be done with unused land or a small farm in terms of turning a profit. Aside from self-employment, it also affords seclusion and a deeper connection to nature for the owner. Depending on the size of the land, that can range from selling firewood to having a seasonal event like pumpkin patches, and even opening a campsite. 

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