Helpful Tips for First-Time Buyers of Recreational Property

There’s a saying that goes when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. When it comes to real estate, it’s not uncommon to see people take a similar approach. And while experience is essential—in fact, for some cases, it is vital—it’s not universally applicable. 

Of course, you should use whatever prior knowledge you have and use that to guide you. However, you will still need a fresh perspective and additional skills and knowledge. Most people think that buying recreational property is pretty much the same as buying any other property. You might think that if you have experience buying land, then you’re good to go.

You would be correct and incorrect. When it comes to buying land or any other type of property, the basics are pretty much the same. Do your research, know what you want, and so on. But there are countless types of recreational property available, and each of them has its own set of rules and regulations and specific processes involved.

If you’re serious about buying more property for recreational purposes, here are some helpful tips.

Hire a Recreational Real Estate Agent

First and foremost, enlist the help and expertise of a recreational real estate agent. Buying any type of additional property is a huge step financially. It’s essential to think things through very carefully. Just because you have experience buying a home doesn’t exactly mean you’re prepared enough for more. When in doubt, call for help.

Every piece of property will be different, and it’s essential to work with an expert. For one, they can guide you in the right direction regarding property, location, features, amenities, and so on. They have access to the right communities, information, and organizations to help you buy land. 

Have a Clear Purpose for the Property

Before you can even think about buying land, the purpose and goal for that property should come first. Don’t run before you walk. For the most part, people buy more properties when they notice a need for it in their life and they’re financially capable of doing so.

For example, if you happen to be a casual equestrian and only recently became more skilled. You might want to purchase more land to grow and expand your interest in that hobby. The purpose should come first. Don’t bother looking for land when you don’t have a use in mind for it yet. 

Ensure You Have Unrestricted Access to the Property

There is a chance that the property you’re interested in is surrounded by other properties or simply located in a gated community. Now that may or may not be a problem in the future. However, it may pose some complications, especially during the buying process. Before you buy land, make sure that you have unrestricted access to the area.

Your recreational real estate agent will help you identify the best and most promising properties. With any luck, they can show you the properties of your dreams. Accessibility is one of the most important things. If the property can’t provide that, then it’s a sign that you need to keep looking. 

Survey and Research the Area

Now, just because you’re buying land for recreational purposes doesn’t mean that the environment it’s located in isn’t essential. You have to pay attention to the surrounding areas, properties, and businesses. Although you won’t be living there, you should still ensure that it’s a safe and convenient place to hang out and occasionally live in. 

Learn about the local community and figure out if there are any unique rules and regulations in place. It’s best to keep your best foot forward. This will guarantee a great buy in a great neighborhood. 


Some hobbies and interests require more space than your home can provide. Of course, expansion isn’t always the best way to go. If you already have a purpose and financial support, you should just have recreational property. It’s a great way to grow your assets while also rewarding yourself for all your hard work. 

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